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MATLAB path in debug environment

Suppose that you've run some function foo() in MATLAB and it complains that  another function bar() is not found. You immediately realize that a directory with bar() is not in path and add this directory. Oops, stop on error flag is set, so we are in debug mode. Leave that mode by pressing Shift+F5 and re-run foo().

Surprisingly, you will see the same error message again! The reason is that your path changes were applied in temporary workspace of the debugger. So, by leaving debug and moving back to the original workspace you have reverted all path changes. Long story short, always double-check which environment you are in before applying any changes.

Clustering via mutual information maximization. Part 1

In this series of posts we will learn logistic regression classifier in three ways: supervised, unsupervised and something in between. We will find out that for some machine learning problems you need only a few labels for your data to get a decent model. Continue reading Clustering via mutual information maximization. Part 1

Prediction of random numbers. Part 2

In the first part of this post we considered a human-based binary random numbers generator and built a predictive model for it. The model appeared to work better than a coin toss, at least for a short sequence we had. This part develops more complex models with somewhat higher accuracy. Continue reading Prediction of random numbers. Part 2